I have become a stronger student since coming to VIA. I’m a better learner and listener. Learning in a small class setting has made learning and focusing easier for me. As a person, I have learned to value my ideas and thoughts on subjects because in a small class I feel heard.” – Ryan, Class of 2019

“My favorite memory at VIA was our 2015 Halloween party. It was the biggest party which the school had ever held. We held it in a house which was well-decorated and there was plenty of food. We also had a chance to see where some of our students lived. I had a lot of fun.” – Jeffery, Class of 2018

“Coming to the United States and being a student in an American classroom has really helped improve my English. I feel like I have learned a lot and have made some very good friends.” – James, Class of 2018

“Applying for colleges obviously can be a stressful task. Yet, at Valley International Academy (VIA), students don’t have to worry about doing their applications without any useful advice or help. Due to the small population, the graduates can easily approach our resourceful counselor Mrs. Filios. As a senior, I sincerely appreciate her patience and time. She’s informed me many resources regarding my interest and answered my questions. With her support, I successfully submitted my applications and supplemental materials in time. For standardized tests, our experienced math teacher Mr. Porper taught us some techniques that helped us to get higher test scores. In VIA, the preparation for colleges is like crops grown in rich soil with more advantages and possibilities”. – Rachel, Class of 2018

“Valley International Academy is a grade 9-12 private school that caters to individualizing each student’s educational experience. All educators are dedicated professionals who care deeply about the well-being of the whole student. Students are encouraged to express themselves in ways that may not be possible in a large school environment.” – Teacher

“American teachers have very different teaching styles than my teachers in China. I have had to learn how to handle different expectations from different teachers. In the same way, teachers have allowed me to show my emotions and personality in class so that I am seen as an individual.” – Jim, Class of 2018

“The small class size, the interaction with teachers, and the close-knit community have allowed me to grow as a student and a person. I was shy when I first arrived at the school, but the acceptance I felt from my teachers and classmates allowed me to blossom. I am a much more confident, well-rounded student and person because of my experience at VIA.” – Shirley, Class of 2018

“I have been studying at VIA for two years. As a foreign student, VIA really helps me get accustomed to western culture and education. It is always a surprise to find out how few students VIA has but that doesn’t undermine the value of this school. I love every single teacher I have met In VIA. They are always passionate and inspiring while teaching. Without those teachers, my horizon wouldn’t been broadened. If you are seeking a liberal western education but a little bit afraid of the unknown, VIA is the place that will give you courage to embrace the unknown.” – Chris, Class of 2020

“VIA is a wonderful school with caring and qualified teachers and staff. The students get incredibly personalized support as well as community building opportunities. The peaceful location in the Saratoga mountains is a bonus too!” – Teacher

“What I like most about Valley International Academy is that the teachers are really connected with the students. The students and teachers know one another really well and are always available to their students. The school is small which means that it cannot offer a lot of the services offered by other schools, but I believe the time and attention which students are given makes up for the things that the school does not have.” – Parent, Class of 2019

“My son had a great experience at VIA. He was there for 4 years and just graduated. The teachers are amazing, supportive and passionate about teaching. He gained so much confidence and knowledge. Small class sizes are very intimate and a chance to learn without distraction. We were very happy and would recommend VIA to everyone. Also, the campus is absolutely beautiful!!!” – Parent, Class of 2019