Student Recognition

Honor Roll 

Students are recognized at the end of each semester for their cumulative grade point average.  The Honor Roll is broken into two categories – Honors for students who have earned a semester cumulative grade point average of 3.00-3.49 and High Honors for students who have earned a semester cumulative grade point average of 3.50-4.00+.  Below is the Honor Roll for the Spring 2019 semester:


  • Ray Bui
  • Sean Liu
  • Daria Nguyen
  • Selina Xiong

High Honors

  • David Bui
  • Irene Huang
  • Ryan Stewart
  • Chris Yang
  • Joey Zhou

Student of the Month


The Student of the Month program allows teachers to recognize one student each month based on a specific category for that month’s award.  Here are the 2019 – 2020 Student of the Month Award winners:

August 2019     
Student who made the best first impression 

  • Shawn Shao – recognized by Ms. Carlon
  • Daria Nguyen – recognized by Mrs. Gerlach
  • Irene Huang – recognized by Mrs. Filios and Mr. Gacioch
  • Sydney Huong – recognized by Mr. Louie and Mr. Hong

September 2019
Student who is a great class participant 

  • Daria Nguyen – recognized by Ms. Carlon
  • Ray Bui – recognized by Mr. Louie
  • Sean Liu – recognized by Mr. Gacioch
  • Chris Yang – recognized by Mrs. Gerlach and Mr. Hong

October 2019
Student who asks the best questions in class

  • Sean Liu – recognized by Ms. Carlon
  • Shawn Shao – recognized by Mr. Gacioch
  • Daria Nguyen – recognized by Mr. Hong
  • Selina Xiong – recognized by Mr. Louie and Mrs. Filios

November 2019
Student who is always prepared for class 

December 2019
Student who never gives up/shows great perseverance  

January 2020
Student who has shown great creativity

February 2020
Student who demonstrates “the love of learning”

March 2020
Student is a strong critical thinker

April 2020
Student who has contributed to the success of the class through their leadership and participation 

May 2020
Teacher’s choice of category