Shuttle Service

The shuttle will originate and end at the Campbell Community Center.  As previously mentioned, students should gather in the loading and unloading area in the Winchester Blvd. parking area.  Attached you will find a map of the Campbell Community Center with the gathering area indicated.
A reminder that the shuttle will be leaving the Campbell Community Center at 7:45 am each day; students must be on time or they will miss their ride to school.

This is a reminder to all students who ride the shuttle in the afternoon.  When school ends, please quickly get your needed books and head to the shuttle.  The shuttle is scheduled to leave Saratoga at the following times:

Monday and Tuesday – 4:10 pm
Wednesday and Thursday – 3:30 pm
Friday – 2:20 pm
Students who are not at the shuttle at the scheduled departure time will be given a warning,  It the problem continues, the student will be given a second warning.   In both instances, the student and family will be given a written notification.   Following a second warning, the shuttle will no longer wait for the student.  The student will be responsible for finding their own ride home if they miss the shuttle,
If there is an issue in getting to the shuttle on time, the student should see Mrs. Filios to discuss the situation.  Thank you to Feifei for driving the shuttle and to the students who are conscientious about getting to the shuttle on time.