Mission and Philosophy

Mission Statement

Our mission at Valley International Academy is to provide educational opportunities for students to be productive members of a global society. Housed in the Silicon Valley, our students experience a high quality,challenging academic experience within the confines of a small, caring nurturing community.  Our teachers will enhance students’ special talents and passions and support them through their high school years.


Expected School-wide Learning Results 

Valley International Academy students will strive to be …

Effective Leaders and Collaborative Team Members who …

  • discover their individual strengths and passions as well as their areas of growth.
  • set, evaluate, review and achieve goals.
  • recognize and embrace their leadership potential.
  • effect change in their school, home and/or community by taking on leadership and support roles.
  • work collaboratively in academic and extra-curricular groups.

Creative Producers who …

  • produce inspired, quality work that exhibits their personal knowledge and perspective.
  • explore, develop and demonstrate creative expression.
  • experience and develop an appreciation for the arts.
  • utilize various forms of media while conducting research and creating academic projects.

Critical Thinkers who …

  • demonstrate intellectual curiosity.
  • learn independently and continually work towards mastery of language, history, math, science, technology and the arts.
  • look closely at the world of ideas and make connections among different areas of learning.
  • evaluate and challenge their own assumptions and the arguments that they encounter.
  • read, write, speak and listen analytically, thoughtfully and reflectively in English.
  • develop, communicate, and execute strategic solutions to academic and real-world challenges.

Healthy Decision Makers who …

  • maintain a positive attitude and healthy self-esteem.
  • maintain a balanced and healthy approach to nutrition, personal hygiene, and physical fitness.
  • care for their physical, emotional and mental well-being and seek help when needed.’
  • commit to regular attendance, punctuality, and effective time management.
  • behave respectfully and responsibly, displaying personal and academic integrity at all times.
  • take responsibility for their personal decisions and the consequences of those decisions.

Global Citizens who …

  • respect cultural, physical, economic, intellectual, age, gender, religious and sexual diversity.
  • willingly learn about and experience many aspects of diverse cultures.
  • formulate and respectfully communicate their own opinions regarding local, national and global issues.
  • recognize and value their responsibility to society and make positive contributions to their community.